"Survived two full winters, several crashes, and a full spin cycle through the washing machine." Reader review by Noel Tovey.

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Garmin Edge 25 GPS


Garmin Edge 25 GPS review


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Garmin Edge 25 tracks time, distance, speed and heart rate. Plan, download and follow new rides. Save, plan and share your activities. Water-resistant too.

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Garmin Edge 25 GPS review

Reader review by Noel Tovey
Instagram: @noeltovey

Is it a GPS logger or a navigational GPS?

GPS logger.

How fast does it start-up and find signal?

This can be hit and miss, and not just according to location. I can sometimes be a full fifteen minutes into my ride before it has found me. Not great for recording every Strava mile possible.

Tell us about the mounting options

I have used the supplied handlebar rubber band mounts which work perfectly well. However, I purchased a top cap mount from k – edge which was slick and kept the unit looking really neat on the bike.

Any mapping included? Is it any good?

It has basic mapping functions which can be downloaded via the Garmin website. The website is pretty clunky and the basic mapping with only provide a line for me to follow without any mapping detail. However, I have successfully navigated my way around such routes as the Borrowdale Bash, and the Gap, without the aid of a map using the device.

On-the-fly navigation. Is it turn-by-turn? Basic bread-crumb following?

Basic bread crumb.

Is it easy to operate, especially on-the-fly?

Yes. Four buttons allow for a scrolling function between three main screens. I have no problem using the buttons with gloves.

Tell us about the screen. Is it touchscreen or physical buttons? How is it in bright light, and low light?

The screen is rather small, which I actually quite like. about the size of a digital watch. It will light up when the buttons are pressed, and does not have a touchscreen facility. it provides good levels of vision in all lights.

How easy is it to get a route in it? Uploading a pre-designed route from a computer, and also plotting/amending a route with the device itself.

You can plan a route yourself using the on line Garmin connect account. This can be clunky, and quite difficult to export external maps into. However, you do get used to planning and once used to it you can plan a route quite quickly.

Does it play nicely with other apps (Strava etc)?

It links seamlessly to my strata via bluetooth on my mobile device.

Is there any software provided and/or online service? Is it any good?

You can setup a Garmin connect account on line.

Connectivity to other devices (smartphone, HRM, power meter etc)

I use my device to get out into the mountains and not have to look at a map every 2 minutes. Once my ride is complete I will sync it with my strava account. For that purpose it works well. If you require the use of a power meter or HRM, I would look further up the range.

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Overall I think this a great little unit. It has survived two full winters, several crashes, and a full spin cycle through the washing machine. It will record all your miles, allow you to plot routes, and best of all show you stats on the move to allow you to improve your pace / fitness. It's basic functions and features mean that he unit is sleek and discreet, ideal for the GPS virgin, or the rider who just wants to explore a little more than the local trail centre. Rating: 8/10.


Features:Tracks time, distance, speed and heart rate Plan, download and follow new rides Save, plan and share your activities at Garmin Connect™ Water-resistant, durable device Connected features, for instant data upload and LiveTrack