Fox makes a huge range of riding gloves and we’ve picked the Defend Race because it’s mid-pack in terms of weight and build. With a long history of designing sorted mountain bike clothing and kit, does this Fox trail glove have the right fit, features and fabric to rank highly?

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Score 8

Fox Defend Race Glove


  • Addition TRP armour protection. Touchscreen compatible. Easy to get on


  • Fingers not shaped. Palm fabric bunches up


Fox Defend Race glove review


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Fox makes a huge range of gloves and we’ve picked the Defend Race because it’s mid-pack in terms of weight and build. It uses a four-way stretch polyester construction with a grid of (synthetic rubber) TPR dimples directly moulded into the material to boost abrasion protection. The palm is a single layer of Clarino that’s fully perforated.

There’s more TPR on fingertips and thumb, which we’re assuming is to stop your fingers slipping off the brake lever and to generally create a bit more traction without adding bulk. Both main digits are touch-screen compatible.

Fox Defend Race Glove

The Defend Race glove has additional protection on an otherwise minimal palm design

The Defend Race gets a comfy, semi-moulded cuff with a gusseted hook and loop closure. The strap wraps underneath, so it is out of the way, and getting into this glove is so easy, but the strap could be a little longer, because if you do catch it, it does pull open a little too easily.

While the palm feels thin, it does bunch up when you wrap your hand around the bar. The fingers are not shaped, so they can feel a little bulky too.


The Defend Race is well made, offers good protection, and is easy to get into, but the fit and feel is a little slack. At full price it’s decent, but if you can find a discount then it is definitely way more attractive.


Weight:52g (pair)