Ride with razzmatazz by pulling on these Fist Evel Kievel gloves.

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Fist Evel Knievel gloves


  • Unique design. No bunching. Plenty of grip and feel.


  • Not everyone will be into the styling. Premium price.


Fist Evel Knievel gloves review


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There’s no missing these tributes to the most famous airman on two wheels, but are the Fist Evel Knievels a match for the best mountain bike gloves? When these Evel Knievel gloves from new handwear brand Fist dropped through my letter box, I’ll admit to being a bit sceptical. Why? Well, they’re extremely lairy, the name ‘Fist’ definitely has plenty of potentially smutty connotations, and I wondered if younger riders have even heard of America’s most famous stuntman?

But, my eleven-year-old daughter soon set me straight that Evel’s still a thing (who knew?) and plenty of more extroverted dressers might appreciate Fist’s styling and attitude – my riding mates told me these were the least ‘me’ gloves they’d ever seen me in.

Thankfully, away from any aesthetic concerns, Fist’s product works great. With a close-fitting, wrinkle-free fit and good friction, the pre-shaped clarino palm is up there with the best, and a sturdy wrist strap keeps the gloves secure. The materials are thick and feel durable, so should last a bit longer, yet they don’t have the bulk usually associated with thicker gloves.

I’ve ridden in very cold days with the Evels and they’re not bad in terms of wind-proofing and warmth. Not as good as a specific winter glove, but good enough if the weather turns. This is helped by coverage extending further up the wrist for extra cosiness without any annoying hotspots or wriggling.

Silicone grippers on the fingertips and palms help stick to grips, shifters and brake levers, but (like most MTB gloves), I found Fist’s material didn’t play nicely with the screen on my iPhone (anyone else lick their fingers to swipe?).


Overall, I can forgive the loud looks when the function and durability are this good, but the £33 price tag is high for a ‘regular weather’ riding glove.


Weight:74g for the pair
Colours:Black or white
Sizes:XXS - XXL