This updated trail glove from 7iDP is lightweight, well ventilated and great value. It shows up plenty of the higher priced options in our recent glove group test.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 9

7iDP Transition Glove


  • Excellent breathability. Great ride feel. Sweat wipe on thumb. All fingers are touchscreen compatible. Well priced


  • Slight bunching of the fabric. Not the easiest glove to get on.


7iDP Transition glove review


Price as reviewed:


This is an updated version of the Transition trail glove we have tested previously. It’s still a pull-on model, but it ditches the open-ended design for a simple elasticated cuff. This sits flat against the wrist, but it’s really tight and you do have to fight your way in.

The single-layer perforated construction boosts breathability and means you don’t get sweaty palms, but the fit is not quite as figure-hugging as the 100% Geomatic. It feels great on the bar, but we found it bunches in the palm and lower finger areas.

To boost breathability further, the whole back of the glove is a mesh-style material, a lot like the Troy Lee Designs in construction, but without the reinforcement. It runs cool, but one glove is already sporting a few nicks and ladders after one journey into the undergrowth.

7iDP Transition glove

The Transition glove has clean uncluttered design, with a well ventilated palm

The thumb gets a microfibre sweat wipe, but it’s not particularly large, although you can use the back because it does dry quickly. All fingers are touchscreen compatible, and there’s a bit of silicone print to stop the brake lever slipping through your fingers. Although the Transition is hard to get on, the fit is pretty generous, and it does ride light.


The best thing about this glove is the price, and that’s even before it’s discounted. A rock-solid glove at a rock-bottom price – fully recommended.


Weight:36g (pair)