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Hottest bikes of 2014: Yeti SB75 £1,895 (frame only)


Price as reviewed:

£1,895.00 (frame only)
Yeti SB75 2014


They say: “Switch Technology with 27.5 wheels”


Need to know

  • 127mm travel trail bike
  • 650b wheels
  • Custom butted aluminium frame with Switch technology
  • Eccentric pivot design

The Yeti SB66 was already a dream bike for many people when Jared Graves rode it to third place at the World Downhill Championships last month. That he beat such a stacked field, most of who were on pure DH bikes, was almost certainly more about Jared’s ability and preperation than the bike, but it’s fair to say that, at that moment, Yeti’s cachet went through the roof. For the post-race pundits and wheelsize evangelists the big question is, would the bigger hoops on this, the brand new Yeti SB75, have erased his three-second deficit to first place? Of course we’ll never know, but in and amongst the hype surrounding 650b, it’s an interesting aside.

SB75 refers to the wheels (27.5in) followed by the travel (5in/127mm). So in boosting the wheel size, Yeti has trimmed back on suspension. It remains to be seen how this affects the SB’s abilities – particularly as the SB66 has a firm suspension feel already – but with a strong set of numbers behind the frame (67.5º head angle, 1,168mm medium wheelbase and 331mm bottom bracket) finding out should be a right giggle.

Knowing Yeti, it’s inevitable that a carbon version will follow on at some point, but slathered in yellow paint, the alloy bike has already left us smitten.

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