If you’re looking for winter eye protection at a great price, your search ends here

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Toolfreak Spoggles glasses


Toolfreak Spoggles glasses review


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Using safety glasses has long been a top tip for thrifty mountain bikers and the Toolfreak Spoggles are impressively cheap at less than £20.

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They come in a carry case with an array of accessories and feel nothing like the disposable items you might find down at your local machine shop.

In the quality protective case is an elasticated goggle strap – hence the name Spoggles – that replaces the snap-in arms and converts them from standard spectacles to something that Biggles might have worn.

The lenses are also interchangeable and there are clear and tinted options offered (only one set is included in the box).

With thick frames and a layer of foam rubber padding between the frame and your face the Spoggles can feel quite intrusive. You can see the frames in your peripheral vision and it feels a bit like you are riding with blinkers on.

In addition, while the foam layer keeps out dust, they can get sweaty in hot temperatures. Fortunately the foam insert is removable, and this increases ventilation and opens up your vision.

While not the most stable fitting glasses (without the strap), we can’t argue with the quality and value, so if you’re looking for winter eye protection at a great price, your search ends here.