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Smith Fuel V1 Max M Goggle


Smith Fuel V1 Max M Goggle review


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F.A.T. two-layer face foam and performance mirrored lenses make this the go-to model for the average rider who likes goggles instead of glasses.

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Smith recently launched this cheaper Fuel V1 MTB goggle. I’ve chosen the brand’s excellent Squad model for over a year now, and know how well that resists steaming up and the definition of its Chromapop lens.

This Fuel costs half the money though, and still has a sharp, good quality lens and a high quality build and materials. It’s relatively easy to find replacement lenses too, since it shares a lens with other Fuel models.

The fit feels a little less invisible on the face, and the frame is more evident, so vision and comfort is slightly reduced. The Fuel lens also steams up easier when working hard. I reckoned this was likely due to foam on the goggle vents and after peeling this away, it vastly improved air-flow and demisting speed. It’s a hack fix, but if fogging is an issue (I run hot when riding), then you still get a lens with excellent clarity and a high-quality, durable goggle for a decent price.


Colours:Rise, acid, black, yellow