The RedBull Spect Whip MX is a new goggle from a relatively new eyewear brand called Spect. In the past the brand made well-respected snow goggles in partnership with RedBull, and now turns its attention to dirt, the Whip designed for both mountain bikers and motocross riders alike.

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Redbull Spect Whip MX goggle


RedBull Spect Whip MX goggle review


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I’ll start with the bad stuff, I don’t want this review to end with a crushing blow for RedBull Spect as I think this goggle could actually develop into something good next time around. As it stands though, they’re pretty much unbearable for more than half an hour’s riding simply because the fabric strap is far too short. Even at its longest extension, the strap sucks the foam into your face with such force I resembled an eye-bulging Arnie in Total Recall, while the pressure on your sinuses genuinely restricts breathing when you’re going hard. I tried multiple helmets and compared it to the competition but still came away with the same result.

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I asked Spect about this problem and it says the goggle was designed by the snowsports side of the business. My interpretation then is that it used the same strap length you’d employ to secure it round your woolly hat when skiing, without allowances for a mountain bike helmet, but I can’t be sure as I don’t have any of its snow goggles to check.

It’s a real shame, because the Whip lens in the Silver Flash colour is exceptionally good, it manages to remove any harshness from direct sunlight without spoiling the definition. Under the trees it’s just as good, you can still pick out detail even under the darkest of redwood canopies making it a genuine alpine contender.

Spect says the lens is made from polycarbonate, and it uses two layers, sandwiched together with a slim strip of motofoam around the edges to prevent any water ingress. This double glazing effect is designed to stop condensation forming on the inside in cold conditions. I didn’t suffer from any fogging, but the testing period was over summer so it’s hard to comment. Size wise the Whip is slightly wider than the excellent Smith Squad, but with more foam padding it does stick slightly further from your face meaning the field of view is about the same.

If you’re still reading by this point then you’ll want to know how RedBull Spect plans to improve the Whip. It says there’ll be a new version out in 2021 with a longer and wider strap, removable foam padding, three lenses and roll off capability. It sounds much better.


Lens:Silver Flash