Koo's dramatically named Supernova glasses are optically great, and you'll get plenty of admiring glances from roadies too, thanks to the Kask heritage.

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Kask Koo Supernova


  • Great vision and and a low, low weight


  • Sits closer to the face than some glasses, meaning you could end up with moisture


Kask Koo Supernova glasses review


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Italian brand Kask is best known for high-end road bike helmets, but also has an eyewear arm called Koo, making quality glasses suitable for mountain biking as well as road. This Supernova model is bang on trend, the best mountain bike sunglasses provide big coverage that wraps the whole face from side to side with a broad field of vision, and the Supernova fits that mould nicely.

For this much money, you’d expect a top-notch lens, and the Zeiss ‘Toric’ doesn’t disappoint. It’s a rimless design in shatter-proof, anti-reflective nylon that’s slightly flexible to resist damage (we’ve all sat on glasses, right?) and has super sharp optics. There’s no detectable distortion at the edges and excellent contrast to pick out small contours in trails and vegetation. Plus, with no frame, vision is uninterrupted when scanning further ahead on trails to anticipate issues or read lines.

Kask Koo glasses

The Supernova makes a big bang impression on you, thanks to the low weight and great quality of vision

The Supernova only weighs 22g, so it’s super light, undetectable while riding and also very stable with zero movement or bounce (even downhilling fast on rough trails), despite the minimal build.

Two nose bridges are included, but even with the lens set furthest away, my eyebrows brushed the upper piece of the Zeiss lens. Maybe my eyebrows are exceptionally bushy, and this wasn’t an issue except when working really hard, but in these instances sweating and moisture and grease gets smeared against the back of the lens and occasionally interfered with the view when looking far ahead out of the top portion. You can also see a reflection of the nose bridge when the sun is in certain positions.


The top-class optics here work well right from bright sun to dark woods, and being so lightweight means you’ll forget you’re wearing them, but check the fit first, as the pricy Supernovas sit closer to the face than some sunglasses, and that can cause issues with drips and smears if you sweat a lot.