A burly MX goggle with some crossover potential, but not as well suited to enduro as a specific MTB model.

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100% Armega goggles


  • Comfy foam liner.


  • Sits further away from the face. Expensive. Heavy. Can fog up due to foam-covered vents.


100% Armega goggles review


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The Armega is 100% ‘s all-singing, all-dancing goggle. It’s primarily designed for motocross, but is also a favourite of full-face wearing MTB DH and enduro racers. Does its popularity make it deserving of a spot on our list of best mountain bike goggles?

It packs a 2mm thick ‘ULTRA HD’ lens inside a frame specially shaped to extract sweat away from the face through a vent channel wrapping around the whole back edge closest to the brow and cheeks. There’s also a wide stable strap, detachable roost guard around the nose and triple layers of foam with different densities.

The closest material to the skin uses a soft dotted fabric that is very comfy, and there’s also a thin foam layer over the main top and bottom vents in the frame to stop dust and debris getting inside the viewing ‘window’.

And, with everything going on – including extra side vents/flaps to promote air flow onto the lens to decrease the chance of fogging – it is a bit of a window too. The big and bulky Armega sits further away from the face than other goggles, so there’s more of a sense of looking through a narrow window or letterbox as a result – it doesn’t boast the pure unrestricted vision at sides and corners of some rivals.

The Armega is noticeably heavier and wider than more minimal eyewear, so it doesn’t play nicely with every enduro or convertible full-face lid on the market, particularly if there’s a smaller eye opening. When worn with an open face lid, there’s a tendency to bounce about a little unless strapped down really tight.

I also wasn’t totally sold on the clarity of 100%’s lens, despite its bold claims – the lens here isn’t as sharp and there’s less contrast in murky light than my favourite models from Smith and POC, and, with foam over the frame vents, it also fogs up more easily at slower speeds and when pedalling around in steamy woods.


The Armega might well be great for looking further ahead during motocross races, but it feels overblown for mountain biking and has a steep asking price for a piece of kit that inevitably gets damaged and scuffed up easily in regular use.


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