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Clarks M3 disc brake


Clarks M3 disc brake review


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The Clarks M3 is the updated version of their incredibly low priced M2 brake system. At just under £70 per end it’s still astonishing value for money.

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Review by Charlie Collins

There’s been some fundamental updates to help boost the brakes performance over its previous iteration.

clarks m3

The lever’s been transformed into a simple radial design and there also some alterations to streamline the one-piece caliper as well. By doing so, Clarks have manage to squeeze out 25% more power while reducing the weight by a claimed 140g. That’s a fair chunk when we’re talking about brakes, and at 235g is lightest in this category.

You can only purchase the M3 as a set with 160/160mm or 180/160mm rotors in the box, so anything larger and you’ll need to buy separately. But as a bonus, you can fit Shimano Deore pads, making life easier to find replacements in that department.

Setup was just a case of bolting to the bike, centring the calipers and adjusting the lever position using the Allen head grub screw. The lever blade is pretty free to wobble in all directions pointing to a low level of tolerance at the pivot, and an annoying squeak at the pivot also developed early on through use.

The lever feels solid as the pads contact the rotor, with no excessive sponginess and the system only felt overwhelmed once or twice on steeper trails, proving similar power levels to the Level T and Deore. Overall though for the price, the M3 is a great entry in to the world of hydraulic disc brakes.


Weight:Brake 235g, rotor 157g
Rotors:160mm and 180mm