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After a lacklustre introduction, there was a suspicous transformation in performance with our Canyon Spectral. But what was it?

Score 8

Canyon's latest Nerve Al proves that there's much more to the brand than just value-for-money

Score 10

With excellent frame construction this bike could have walked away with the test with a few simple changes

Score 8

Canyon Nerve AL+ 9.0 £2,695

Read our review of the 150mm-travel all-mountain Canyon Nerve AL+ 9.0

Score 8

Canyon's Nerve AM 8.0 is specced like a bike twice its price, but can the bike perform as well as all that showroom bling promises?

Score 9


By selling direct to the public, via, this German brand can pump out bikes that are incredible value for money. But does the Nerve AM 6.0 add up to…

Score 9