She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts

A woman had to be rescued off Ben Nevis wearing a t-shirt and shorts and carrying only a selfie stick in blizzard conditions on Saturday.

Sarah Albone, 28, was on a mountain biking tour through Scotland when she decided to climb the mountain alone on foot. The keen cross country runner took to the North Face of Britain’s highest mountain in trainers and was found by chance at the 4,411ft summit of the mountain drenched and showing signs of hypothermia. It is recommended that intrepid explorers carry ice pick, poles and emergency shelter to tackle the mountain at this time of year.

The fellow climbers gave her some of their dry clothes and huddled around her for warmth as they called for rescue. The conditions were too bad for a helicopter so Miss Alborne had to be walked off the mountain.

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Her actions have been described as “ridiculous” and “irresponsible” by Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team leader John Stevenson. He said: “It’s just ridiculous going up there dressed like that and it’s freezing up there, and being irresponsible means others have to go out of their way to help.”

Miss Albone escaped from the ordeal unharmed. She has since apologised to her rescuers and admitted she “could have died” due to her actions.

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In a forum post on a mountaineering website, she said: “All of the people involved were incredibly brave and kind and went beyond the call of duty to help when most people would tell you to go on alone. It was a really lucky escape. I think if it had not been for these guys I could have died. I got to the top, but started feeling really dizzy and I could not feel my own body.”

“I kind of knew I was under-prepared, and didn’t actually intend on getting to the top. I just sort of thought, ‘oh I’ve got this far – it’s not too bad – let’s carry on’. If it was not for the guys that helped me, Ben Nevis would have definitely been Ben Never.”

Miss Albone has agreed to undertake a mountaineering course following her ordeal.