If you have transitioned from bolts to lockring rotors, Wolf Tooth has some colour upgrades available.

Vivid anodising never really went off-trend. It just took a break.

As riders desire to customise a dream build, bright colour finishes for select components have come back into vogue.

Anodised colours have returned to stems,  hubs, pedals and seatpost collars. But what if you want to be even stealthier? Wolf Tooth now has an anodised lockring range for brake rotors.

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A little colour – makes a big difference

With six-bolt rotors gradually being replaced by centerlock brakes, Wolf Tooth product planners recognised the opportunity to add some colour, to the middle of your mountain bike wheels.

Wolf Tooth’s new anodised centerlock lockrings work with all thru-axle sizes. That means you have compatibility for 12-, 15- and 20mm axles.

The lockrings have a 16-notch design with a 44mm diameter, similar to contemporary cycling centerlock standards.

Keeping true to its American heritage, Wolf Tooth machine these lockrings from 7075-T6 aluminium at its Minnesota workshop.

Completing that perfect custom build

Want to match that headset or grips with your centerlock rotors? A selection of eight colours, including purple, ensures Wolf Tooth has an anodised lockring for any build you could imagine.

The Wolf Tooth lockrings tighten to 40Nm and at only 10.5g, you’ll hardly notice them – concerning rotating mass.

Whether you want only a trace of anodised colour on a murdered-out build, or add that last hint of colour to a bold build, these lockrings work great for either.