Mountain biker injured in West Woods near Marlborough looking for a rider from Swindon called Mike who stopped to help

Michael Brown (Photo: Facebook/BBC Wiltshire)

Michael Brown (Photo: Facebook/BBC Wiltshire)

Wiltshire mountain biker Michael Browne is trying to track down the helpful fellow rider who helped him when he crashed during an attempted gap jump in West Woords, near Marlborough.

The Good Samaritan was apparently called Mike and he came from Swindon. Mr Browne’s recollections of the incident are understandably somewhat scant.

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Due to the lack of mobile phone signal in the woods, Mike-from-Swindon went to the nearest farm to call 999 and then stayed with Mr Browne and Mr Browne’s two sons (who were also out riding) until an ambulance arrived.

Mr Browne is now desperate to find Mike to thank him.

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“I’m not sure exactly what happened,” he told the BBC. “The bike came over the back of me and my head went all the way back on to my shoulder blades and I broke my neck.

“I remember seeing the ground coming towards me and that was really it and I woke up five minutes later.”

“I broke my neck in three places. I had a severe fracture in a vertebra which is called a hangman’s fracture because it’s the vertebra which breaks when they used to hang people,” he said.

“So I’m quite lucky to be neither dead or paralysed. But I never actually got to see Mike and I never got to say say thank you for raising the alarm, taking my boys home and staying with me.”

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Are you Mike-from-Swindon? Do you know Mike-from-Swindon? Get in touch and we’ll try and get you in touch with Mr Browne.