Welcome to the mbr show, where we scrutinise the latest bikes, critique the newest hardware, and discuss the hottest topics in mountain biking.

Welcome to the mbr show! In this episode Danny and Alan start by revealing the bikes and products that have impressed them the most this year. If you missed it, you can watch episode one here.

Aper Bikes

Aper Bikes’s KOMPace uses a rail design to give 45mm of rearward axle path

We take a closer look at two new suspension designs using a rail system to improve the kinematics. One is the KOMPace from Aper bikes, and the other is the Arc8 Einstein. We look into the advantages of a rail system and the clever prototype system used by Arc8 to give the brand more control over certain variables during the development process.

Whyte E-Lyte 150 Works

The Whyte E-Lyte 150 Works uses the Bosch SX motor to build into a sub 20kg e-bike

Recently we’ve had the chance to ride the new Whyte E-Lyte and the latest Bosch SX motor. In this episode we bring you our initial thoughts on what is a significant new bike for Whyte, representing its lightest e-bike yet, and a return to carbon manufacturing after a several year hiatus.

Earlier this month we got invited to BikePark Wales to hang out with the Commencal Muc-Off Team, including Myriam Nicole, Thibaut Dapréla and Amaury Pierron. We tried to keep them in sight on a few of the trails, then we got to sit down with them for a quick interview.

We also tried out the revamped Willy Waver trail at BikePark Wales with BPW director and legendary trail builder Rowan Sorrel. Rowan’s trail crew team has done an amazing job with this blue trail, managing to produce a track that will be just as exhilarating to a beginner as a seasoned pro.

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