On the latest version of Öhlins RXF36 and want to run it as a coil? Now you can.

Coil suspension will always have a purpose for enduro and gravity mountain bikers.

What coil springs lack in adjustability, they more than compensate for with performance – when venturing down steep and technical descents. This is especially true when those descents are long, with lots of gnar.

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An easy upgrade

On a 10-minute enduro descent, coil-sprung suspension doesn’t fade, even after a succession of big hits. The market for coil-sprung forks might be significantly smaller than air, but Vorsprung has added a new option for those riders who a coil spring, to air.

The Canadian aftermarket suspension specialist has created an air-to-coil conversion kit for Öhlins riders. If you steer with the Swedish brand’s RXF36 fork, Vorsprung’s Smashpot kit is now available.

Despite fielding many requests to create an Öhlins version of its Secus air-spring, Vorsprung’s technology wasn’t compatible with the RXF36 design internals. But the Smashpot coil, fits perfectly -without any clearance issues.

Vorsprung offers 11 spring rates for the RXF36, ensuring riders will find a coil set-up that works for their weight or riding terrain. The lower and upper limits for these Smashpot coils, are 45- to 125kg of rider weight.

Vorsprung has even more coil stuff coming

The kit is designed for ease of fitment and comes with all necessary parts, including the topcaps and foostuds.

Why coil? If you want fade-free performance from your RXF36 m2 fork on the longest and more challenging descents, the Smashpot conversion kit provides.

The mechanical consistency of a coil-sprung fork appeals to many riders – after they have tried it. Coils also have a lower maintenance burden than air, adding to their long-term appeal on an enduro or gravity bike build.

Vorsprung’s Smashpot kit for Öhlins is launching with the RXF36 m2, although more options in development.