Vero's vision

How did Instagrammer Veronique Sandler end up starring in her own mountain bike movie? We ask producer of her ‘Vision’ film, Adam Dayson.

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Vero has close to 100k followers on Instagram

Is it really such a big deal that Veronique Sandler has her own movie?

“Yes, for a number of reasons. In the modern digital world full of one minute branded content it can be a challenge for any rider to have their moment in the limelight, let alone a female freerider. For many riders their ambitions extend beyond short films and to the feature movies many of us grew up watching. The opportunity to find your place within these productions is limited even further and again even more so as a female rider.

“Vero is a former world cup racer but she moved away from racing to pursue her love for the simpler side of the sport, showing her riding ability to the world through Instagram. She began working with filmmakers to create some hard hitting online content, showcasing her progressive approach to riding. Her ambitions however have always been to star in a feature film, but how does this happen? And as a women, the opportunity seemed far less likely to present itself. The answer to Vero was simple, create her own film.”

How did you first get to work with Veronique Sandler?

“It was 2018 as her career was on the up and she joined adidas Five Ten as one of their lead athletes. At the heart of her ambition as a rider was to help progress the sport and to create a platform that would enable women to stand alongside the best in the sport and collaborate with the riders she had looked up to throughout her riding career. Having worked across the action sports industry for over a decade, her attitude and approach was exciting and I quickly became passionate about supporting Vero in achieving her goals.”

Revolution Bike Park was an ideal location for the project

Was the Vision movie her idea then?

“Yes, shortly after joining adidas Five Ten, Vero was asked if she had any film ideas she wanted to work on. Having been inspired by riders like Brendon Fairclough and Brandon Semenuk who had built some of the most iconic jump lines for films such as DEATHRGIP and UnReal, Vero knew this would sit at the heart of her idea. Beyond this however it would be an opportunity to bring together a collective of the best riders in the world, both male and female, to film together for one of the first times and showcase her vision for the future of a sport.”

What’s the movie about?

“The film would became a coming of age story of a young female athlete and the journey she went on to bring her dream line to life. Vero explores the different aspects of her riding that inspire her and joins forces with the riders she has looked up to. Along the way she explores her home trails, sessions La Poma bike park in Barcelona with Joey Gough and ventures to Madeira Island with Brendan Fairclough.

“With a clear vision for her dream line, she soon realized she could not do this on her own and she needed the perfect location. Revolution Bike Park in North Wales had a history of building progressive trails and became the ideal location. Head builder James Foster is one of the most experienced in the game and having already mapped out a similar project, he welcomed the chance to implement Vero’s ideas and work together to make this film a reality.”

Similar project, you mean the 50to01 Line?

“Yes, and the scene was now set for Vero to showcase her vision for a sport and assembled a line up of the most influential, progressive and stylish riders from across a wide demographic of mountain biking. In doing so she united a collective of riders to film together for the first time and set precedent of inclusion that she hopes many productions will follow in the future.

“A film of this nature is no easy feat, they take a huge amount of resource, time and motivation from all involved but in doing so the opportunity to create a moment that stands the test of time and exists beyond that of any 30 second Instagram clip. Veronique Sandler took on this challenge and committed herself to this project 110% and in doing so has opened a door that will enable many more to follow in her steps.”