Just in time for snow days

Over two years in the making DEATHGRIP can now be experienced through the world’s leading movie and TV streaming service, Netflix.

Brendan Fairclough – “My goal for DEATHGRIP is for people to watch the movie and only be able to watch the first 10 minutes before they have to turn it off, jump on their bike and go rip a turn.”

You can sign up at www.netflix.com. Psst..! Your first month is for free, so you could watch DEATHRGIP as many times as you want in March before deciding to stick with Netflix or not.

Watch the best bit of Deathgrip for free NOW

For a taster of what’s in store, watch the video at the top of this page (it’s the best best bit really). ‘Best Track Ever’ featuring foul-mouthed excitement from Brendan Fairclough and Josh Bryceland. The most acclaimed sections from Deathgrip.

“Fairclough and Bryceland head to Schladming, Austria, which hosts what is widely accepted as the best UCI Mountain Bike World Cup track in recent history. Globally recognized as two of the most stylish racers out there, Fairclough and Bryceland put the ‘Best Track Ever’ through its paces, putting viewers on the edge of their seats eager to get out there and ride themselves.” – Deathgrip crew.

If you want to download and own the complete movie, pop over to http://geni.us/DEATHGRIP

Brendan Fairclough’s Deathgrip movie available online now

Brendan Fairclough and Clay Porter’s groundbreaking feature length Deathgrip movie is available for digital download as of right now.

Is it worth £9.99 of your hard-earned? It’s certainly an amazing piece of work that contains some genuinely stunning sections of filming. We reckon as soon as you’ve seen Josh Bryceland’s section you’ll be more than satisfied you’ve had your money’s worth. It is properly amazing.

Still wondering whether to click that ‘Download’ button? Watch this trailer before you decide…

Behind the scenes footage

Get the full skinny below on how Brendan Fairclough’s and Clay Porter’s epic Deathgrip movie was planned and executed. It really is an impressive piece of work.

Check out these Deathgrip Diaries below for a cool behind the scenes look at how Deathgrip came to be. There’ll be four episodes in total so keep checking back and will bung them all on this handy page.

Diaries Episode 1: The Home Front

“Home is where the heart is… Or, if you’re Brendan Fairclough it’s where the sickest lines and raddest people are! Check out Episode 1 of the LifeProof presented Diaries.”

Diaries Episode 2 : Away

“Brendan Fairclough and Clay Porter’s Movie travels to some of the wildest locations the planet has to offer. Check out episode two of LifeProof Presented Diaries for some behind the scenes action.”

Diaries Episode 3: The Lows

“On the journey to greatness, we always discover that not everything goes according to plan. Check out Episode 3 of DEATHGRIP Diaries to see some of the challenges Brendan Fairclough, Clay Porter and team faced while filming.”

Diaries Episodes 4: The Highs

“Riding bikes with friends, finding new terrain and coming out the other side stoked. Brendan Fairclough and gang explore the highs of all things mountain biking in Episode 4 of the Deathgrip Diaries, check it out!”

Instagram trailer

It’s impressive what you can rapid-edit into an Instagram-length vid clip…

What is Deathgrip?

Well aside from being Brendog’s signature grip from DMR, it’s an amazing piece of filming. We were lucky enough to be at UK premiere and suffice to say, you need to watch this film.

Deathgrip description: “For the last two years, Brendan Fairclough and Clay Porter have travelled to every inhabited continent on the planet with a simple goal: to show the world a new vision of mountain biking. Joined on this quest by a collection of the most progressive and influential riders that this generation of mountain biking has to offer, Fairclough and Porter have embarked on an all-out assault on the bleeding edge of the sport’s limits. DEATHGRIP is a relentless mission to challenge the limits of creativity, technology, and the human potential. DEATHGRIP is a creative oasis for Fairclough and Porter – a place where the raw expression of Fairclough’s riding ability is captured with the most progressive filmmaking technology against the backdrop of the most visually engaging locations in the world. The future is now.”