Ten tweets and instagrams that caught our eye from the world of mountain biking

Social media is great for getting a behind the scenes look at the lives of the pros in our sport. There’s plenty of activity going on at the Red Bull Rampage in Utah but that’s not stopped the rest of the mtb wheel from turning. Here’s our run down of the Tweets and Instagrams that caught our eye this week.

1. Kelly McGarry finding a great angle on the top ridge in Utah

Tweets of the week 15:10:15 McGarry

“Had a rip on the upper half of my line today. Fun as fark riding the ridge overlooking the old site”

2. Manon Carpenter joining some of the biggest names in women’s cycling for the launch of the Strongher CC, aiming to improve the women’s cycling community.

3. Troy Brosnan and Connor Fearon are shredding as an Aussie dream double in this dusty clip.

4. Brendan Fairclough has already hit the main feature on his Rampage line, the double Canyon Gap.

Watch the trailer for the 2015 Red Bull Rampage

5. Josh Bryceland showing off his winter whip and making us all very jealous.

Tweets of the week- 15:10:15 bryceland

“Winter set up! Shorty up front, HR2 out back, penthouse’d up, marshguard -ready for anything”

6. Here’s a name to keep an eye out for. Kenize Nevard’s big double was re-tweeted by Josh Bryceland this week.


7. Brandon Semenuk gets some SRAM bling for Rampage

8. Tom Van Steenbergen is the first big name casualty at Rampage, he trapped a nerve in his back following a big case.

Tweets of the week 15:10:15 Steenbergen

“Looks like I won’t be riding in Rampage this year. Had a hard crash two days ago on the canyon gap and just had the scariest crash I’ve ever had. I cased the last stepdown on my line and got bucked to flat onto my back. My feet started to go numb and after a few seconds I couldn’t feel anything from my neck down. Luckily i started to get the feeling back super quick and I just found out that I didn’t break my back or neck. But I definitely messed some stuff up and I won’t be riding for a while. Wish I could have competed but it’s time for my body to heal! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported me! Next year will be better!!”

9. Pretty amazing portrait of Steve Peat.

Tweets of the week 15:10:15 Peat

“Tony Yello has been busy. Graphite on A3 paper!! Nice one fella”

10. The GT truck gets towed in style at Rocd’Azur