The gold at the start of the rainbow?

We all love a bit of bike bling and clearly so do SRAM as it has fitted its athletes’ World Champs bikes with these eye-catching gold drivetrains in an attempt to spur them on to rainbow glory.

We’re not sure what psychological effect a gold drivetrain will have but we’d almost be tempted to not take it out at all – it looks far too nice to get muddy!


The gold cassette and chain (Martin)

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There’s a catch though, these drivetrains are described as “World Championship use only”. Not only does that mean that us mere mortals will never be ale to get out hands on them but, after the World Championships races, neither will the pros.

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Instead the gold drivetrain parts will be taken off the bike and only shown at bike shows, although SRAM must be hoping they will be accompanied by some gold medals too. SRAM athletes at the World Championships include Aaron Gwin, Nino Schurter and Loic Bruni so the chances of scoring a win a pretty high.

SRAM gold 3

The drivetrain fitted on Troy Brosnan’s bike (Lucas)

The gold cassette and chain will be for SRAM’s 1x drivetrains. and you can see it in action in the XC and downhill races that will be shown this weekend on Red Bull TV.