All the best from the past 7 days in social media

It’s been a quiet week in mountain biking but that hasn’t kept all our favourite riders off their social media feeds to keep us entertained. Here are our picks from the past seven days in mountain biking:

1. Here’s two-time Swiss national champion Sebastian Fini showing us how he mixes up his training regime. Reckon you could do a set of these?

It's not only about pedalling ???? #motivationmonday

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2. Looks like even the best can get it wrong sometimes. Julien Absalon went down this week, apparently it was too windy for him to be trying jumps.

Avis de tempête! C'était pas le jour pour tenter des sauts… #rafaledevent

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3. Gee Atherton competed in the Cambrain Rally last week, he even bagged a stage win! You can watch him in action here

4. The Steel City Downhill finally has a date. It’s less than two months away so you better get started on your costume if you’re planning on racing!

5. We’ve been loving these Impressionist mountain biking art pieces from Pete Marsh. You can buy prints of them here.

6. Two years on and Josh Bryceland can see the funny side of his tragic World Championships loss.

7. Sounds like the Madison Saracen DH team have an awesome opportunity going, get yourself over to their Twitter for more info.

8. Is this one of those times when social media is a bit too social?

9. Congrats top Tahnee Seagrave for winning the Pump Battle World Series at the London Bike Show.