Our nine favourite tweets from this week in mountain biking

After the dramatic finale of the Red Bull Rampage, the off-season is truly upon us. We’re not complaining though as it simply means that our favourite riders have more time to share their lives on social media.

We’ve picked our favourite tweets, instagrams and facebook posts from the last seven days for you reading pleasure.

1. “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads”

2. Rachel Atherton shows there’s more to her than just mountain biking, she did this in honour of her dog, Angus, who recently passed away.

Tweets 23:10:15 Rachel headstand

“Trying to do all the things I didn’t do with Angus dog. First time on a SUP board headstand, harder than I thought it would be!. Would’ve been impossible with Angus on too”

3. It’s great to see Paul Basagotia looking better after his controversial Red Bull Rampage crash

Tweets 23:10:15 Zink Bas

“If you have ever seen this guy’s game face, you can only imagine how hard he is going to make this injury his bitch. Physical therapy day two and he is putting in work”

4. This could well be the largest UK mountain biking meet up ever (plus there’s free beer). Definitely one for your diary

5. Some simply mind blowing skills from Brandon Semenuk’s Revel in the Chaos Utah segement.

6. The brand new British Enduro Series has announced Cannondale as its first major sponsor. Could Schwalbe be on board too?

7. Darren Berrecloth knows how to start his off-season with style

Tweets 23:10:15 Berrecloth vegas

And it begins! Offseason kickoff with the boys in Vegas!

8. The Epic Cymru stage race is back for a second year in 2016, will you be entering?

Tweets 23-10-15 Cymru dates

9. Congrats to Thomas Genon for taking the 2015 FMB overall title with his fifth place at the Red Bull Rampage

Tweets 23:10:15 Thomas Genon fmb

“So happy on taking the overall FMB World tour 2015. And also 5th place at Rampage. Thanks to everybody who supported me.”