The very best of the past seven days of social media

We may not have done much riding this week as Britain was gripped by freezing temperatures and snow, but that just meant we could keep an even closer eye on all the best social media posts of our favourite riders.

Here are the best Tweets and Instagrams from the past seven days in mountain biking.

1. Aaron Gwin posted this after certain publications linked him with a YT/Audi/KTM team. The plot thickens..

Tweets 21:1:16 Gwin

“Woke up to some new team rumours posted as “facts” and I’m just over here like… But seriously, thank you guys for all the interest. I’ll try and get some kind of official update posted soon. I’m as excited as you guys are”

2. Amazing news for British enduro as Katy Winton bags herself a place on Trek. She has some Tracy Moseley sized boots to fill though!

3. Josh Mann? Otto Bryceland? We think Ratboy has found his prefect doppleganger here.

Tweets 21:1:16 Bruce

4. Rachel Atherton showing off some winter training that you can do inside away from the cold

5. The snow hasn’t stopped everyone getting out, this shot is from mid Wales where it dropped to minus 5.

6. Still no news on who’s going to be riding for Cube next year but they’re clearly taking the competition seriously with these telemetry kits.

7. More enduro racing news as Cody Kelly replaces Jared Graves at Yeti.

Tweets 21:1:16 Yeti

“The Yeti Fox Racing team gets a shot of new blood this year with the high style and gravity expertise of Cody Kelly winner of the 2014 Dual Slalom at Sea Otter.”

8. We all have unattractive riding faces but this one from Josh Lewis is something else.

Tweets 21:1:16 Loose

“Got caught trying to lick the top tube”

9. Never one to pass up the chance of a good Instagram, here’s Tahnee Seagrave taking a quick break at Coed Y Brenin.

Tweets 21:1:16 Tahnee

“As always stopped for a must-have-instagram-picture during an enjoyable loop round Coed-y-Brenin”

10. Sam Blenkinsop and Brook MacDonald had a very near miss last weekend. Check out the incident here.

Tweets 21:1:16 Blenk

“If you haven’t seen it, go check out Sam Blenkinsop being chased by Brook MacDonald at latest New Zealand national race. BTW he’s not receiving a water bottle from that nice old lady on the track”