Coming to a trail near you...

Coming to a trail near you...

Dirt School, the guys behind our monthly skills tutorials, are heading off on a busman’s holiday this August. Stopping at the Forest of Dean on the road south to Peaslake and then Lee Quarry on the way home, they’ll be on hand delivering their classic Trail High School and Freeride School classes. Using their tried and tested methods, they’ll give you access to the theories that they’ve developed over the last five years with hundreds of riders and world-class competitors. Taking a little twist on the basics, they’ll help show you how to really get the most out of your bike and your time on it. That means you’ll not only get help cornering, jumping and riding a host of different trail features, but you’ll also get an insight into how you should think about the trail ahead and simple techniques to boost your confidence and speed. As they design our classes from a rider’s perspective expect various levels of trail difficulty – all aiming to mimic what you’ll come across on your favourite ride, wherever that is. Our Peaslake days will be extra special, including demo bikes and support from Santa Cruz Bikes and bike set-up advice from Pedal and Spoke.


  • August 23rd – Forest of Dean
  • August 25th and 26th – Peaslake
  • August 28th – Lee Quarry