Want to more travel from your Bronson? This link is the answer.

Bronson will always be a storied name for Santa Cruz.

The original Santa Cruz headquarters was in Bronson street. And the company’s first 27.5” enduro bike was named Bronson, too.

Although the latest Bronson is no longer a true 27.5” platform, rolling a larger 29er wheel up front, it remains a notable option in the Santa Cruz product portfolio. But what if you want to edge your Bronson’s capability, closer to that of a mullet wheeled Nomad?

Cascade Components can make that happen with its latest rear-suspension linkage. The company’s engineers have created an aftermarket link for all fourth-generation Bronsons – the bikes designed to run a mixed wheel size set-up.

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Boost your Bronson

The factory standard Bronson V4 has 150mm of frame travel, and Santa Cruz recommends a 160mm fork. But what if you want more?

A flip-chip in the Cascade Components V4 link opens a generous amount of adjustment.

Flip-chips are ordinarily present to adjust geometry, but the Cascade Components use the Bronson V4’s flip-chip differently. It can boost rear-suspension travel to 160-, 170- or 180mm. With the accompanying increase in suspension travel, Bronson’s shock progression improves from 27% to 42%.

What are the options with a Bronson V4 link from Cascade Components? With a 260x60mm shock, you can increase travel to 160- or 170mm. Using a 230x65mm shock allows for evolving your Bronson V4 into a proper mullet Nomad, with either 170- or 180mm of rear-suspension travel.

A quality suspension hardware upgrade

As with all Cascade Components products, these new links are assembled with Enduro MAX bearings, for durability. And they come in a range of three colours – black, silver, and blue – to match your build or riding attire.

Weight? Cascade Components says the  linkage is only 347g. Like all Cascade Components products, these links are CNC-machined in North America.