Want to get more from that DW-link? Cascade Components has the answer for Ripmo riders.

The links just never seem to stop coming, from Cascade Components.

Its latest product offering, is a set of aftermarket links, promising to extract even more rear-suspension performance from your Ibis Ripmo.

With its DW-link suspension, there isn’t much wrong with the Ibis Ripmo. Whether you select the carbon-fibre or aluminium version, these are some of the best enduro 29er bikes you can buy, balancing 160mm of fork travel with 147mm of rear suspension.

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Making the Ripmo V2 a bit slacker

Cascade Components felt that some deep-dive analysis, and custom CNC machining, could deliver gains.

For those Ibis Ripmo riders who want to add a touch more progression, or even a few millimetres of travel, to their bikes, these Cascade Components links are the business.

Starting with the Ibis Ripmo V2, the Cascade Components link adds 9% worth of progression. Travel remains unchanged at 147mm, but you do get a 3mm bottom bracket drop and the front end will be riding 0.25° slacker.

The more significant gains are to be found with the Ibis Ripmo AF, although they will cost you less.

More travel for the alloy frame

When doing the Ripmo AF analysis, industrial designers at Cascade Components found that the aluminium frame has better clearance. The result is, that you only need to change the smaller upper link, instead of both, as is the case with a Ripmo V2.

There are now geometry changes, with the Cascade Components Ripmo AF link upgrade, although you will net a healthy 12% improvement, with suspension progression.

Rear travel also increases a touch, from 147- to 151mm.

Both the Ripmo V2 and AF linkages are made from 6061-T6 aluminium and embedded with Enduro MAX bearings.

If you want a more progressive rear-end feel from your Ripmo V2, that will be $332, whilst the simpler Ripmo AF solution, prices at $206.