Lightweight e-bikes, enduro race bikes, trail bikes, kids bikes, full-power eebs - Trek's got the lot on sale


Last week it was Specialized with its massive Spring Sale, now it’s the turn of Trek to offer some mega deals in the US, through the brilliantly named TrekFest. There are some great looking bargains to be had too, from thousands of dollars off the new Fuel EXe lightweight eeb, to hardtail beginner bikes for a few hundred. So, in honour of the 2024 riding season, I’ve pulled out what I reckon are the best discounts to be had.

Best full power e-bike deal

Trek Rail 7 Gen 2 | Save 35% at Trek
Was $6,649.99, now $4,299.99
Trek’s Rail is a former e-bike of the year winner, it’s now into its third generation but very little changed when Trek updated the bike except the price. That means you can get the older model for an absolute steal. How? The Gen 3 bike added a 750Wh battery from Bosch, while the Gen 2 bike had a 625Wh battery, and the frame and sizing grew a bit too. And that’s it really, so if you’re the kind of rider who can get a ride done on a 625Wh battery, the Rail 7 is the bike for you. Read our full review of the Trek Rail here.

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Why do we like the Trek Rail so much? It’s got great high-speed confidence from the chassis, while the reactive Bosch motor is still one of the best powertrains out there. Sure, the fork and shock aren’t top end on the Rail 7 model here, but we’re reviewed the RockShox Domain fork before and found it to be an unbelievable-value-for-money trail/e-bike fork with 38mm upper tubes. If you do want the bigger battery though, the Gen 3 Rail 7 is also on sale, down from $6,649.99   to $5,649.99.

Best hardtail deal

Trek Roscoe 7 | Save 27% at Trek
Was $1,899.99, now $1,399.99
The Trek Roscoe 7 wasn’t a great deal when it first came out, but it sure is now. That’s because, as with every Trek I have ever tested, the frame was great thanks to its Alpha Gold Aluminum material and great sizing and geometry, but it just wasn’t a great deal, at just under $2,000. It’s a very different proposition at $1,400 though. Read our full review of the Trek Roscoe here.

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Best lightweight e-bike deal

Trek Fuel EXe 9.9 XTR | Save 10% at Trek
Was $12,999.99, now $11,999.99
We tested the top end Fuel EXe 9.9 XX1 AXS back in 2023, it’s a great bike because the OCLV Mountain Carbon frame is out of this world in terms of damping, and that helps it tackle the descents like an enduro bike, despite its meagre travel. The geometry and sizing are spot on too, and combined that makes it one of the best lightweight e-bikes around. Read our full review of the Trek Fuel EXe here.

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The top end 9.9 XX1 AXS is not the bike to get, because it’s heavier than the Fuel EXe 9.9 XTR here –  if you’re after a lightweight e-bike, then this really does matter. To be precise, it’s over 2lb lighter than the fancy pants bike, costs less money, and still comes with a dream parts list including full RockShox Ultimate AirWiz suspension, carbon wheels and of course Shimano XTR drivetrain. The TQ motor is near-silent too, puts out 50Nm of torque and 250 watts of maximum continuous power, and there’s a 360Wh battery with a range extender option. Four colors and all sizes are available S-XL.

Best kids bike deal

Trek Wahoo 24 | Save 24% at Trek
Was $499.99, now $379.99
I’ve not actually tested the Wahoo 24 kids bike, but for less than $400 and with a frame made from Trek’s brilliant Alpha aluminum, it’s basically a steal. It is not technically a mountain bike, but with good geometry, a ludicrously low 21lb weight (trust us, that’s kick ass for a kids bike for a 10-year-old), knobbly tyres and a singlering drivetrain, I’m betting it would do well off-road.

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Best entry level hardtail deal

Trek Marlin 4 Gen 2 | Save 15% at Trek
Was $629.99, now $529.99
The Marlin is remarkably compact for a 29in wheel bike, thanks to a sleek frame that gives it great standover height. It’s this that makes the Marlin 4 a ridiculously good deal right now, because the frame is something you’ll keep and upgrade, even if the tyres aren’t really chunky enough for proper mountain biking. But for a little over $500 I don’t think there’s a better entry-level bike to get you into riding off-road. Read our full review of the Trek Marlin here.

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Best enduro bike deal

Trek Slash 8| Save 26% at Trek
Was $4,299.99, now $3,199.99
This is not the newest version of the Trek Slash, which sports a high pivot idler. But don’t let that put you off, the previous generation is still an incredible bike, we’ve rated it full marks in our bike tests thanks to its sublime performance over rough terrain and its sheer bloody composure when racing. There’s a cheaper Slash 7 in the Trek sale, but it’s the Trek Slash 8 you want to go for because with it comes chunky 38mm fork stanchions in the shape of the RockShox Zeb. Read our full review of the Trek Slash here.

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The bones of the Trek Slash 8 are great, it’s got progressive geometry and all five sizes are still available in this sale. There’s a real sense of urgency to the bike too despite the big 170mm travel front and rear, so you never feel over-biked… but there’s still enough there to save you when you’re tired in a race. It is the ideal choice for anyone looking for that one do-it-all ride.

Best trail bike deal

Trek Fuel EX 9.8 GX AXS Gen 6 | Save 29% at Trek
Was $7,699.99, now $5,499.99
The Trek Fuel EX is one of the best trail bikes around, as usual with Trek the star of the show is the frame, and this time the latest bike gets a full carbon frame. This is great because when I tested it I loved the damped ride feel this produced, while the details like in-frame storage and attention to detail are just incredible. Read our full review of the Trek Fuel EX here.

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The Trek Fuel 9.8 gets wireless shifting with SRAM GX AXS, it’s built for hard charing too with a Fox Performance 36 fork and Float X shock, and you even get a set of Bontrager carbon wheels. Honestly, the only thing you’re going to want to change is the tyre setup – swap the Bontrager SE5s for something with more grip in the wet.