Get the popcorn. Dim the lights. Crank the volume.

‘Going In’ delivers a fascinating look at life beyond the bike for Trek’s pro racers riding toward greatness. Check out the full-length film here.

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Who isn’t scratching around for anything and everything mountain ibkey to watch on the internet at the moment? Praise be to good folks over at Trek who have decided to unleash their ‘Going In’ movie right now for us all to stream for free.

Watch the full length 1hr 26min movie here.

(Sorry, not currently possible to embed the video at the moment. Hopefully that may chang at some point)

Trek Bicycles: “In a sport with only a handful of chances to prove your worth, every moment matters. This is the story of what it takes to compete at the highest level of professional mountain bike racing. Get up close and personal with Trek’s MTB athletes as they experience the highs and lows of training, racing, and living for the sport they love.”

It’s being promoted as “The best mountain bike film you’ll see this year”. Which normally would elicit some sort of cynical snort but in the current era of seemingly unending Covid-induced lockdown… who knows? There may not be much competition for feature length bike films in 2020.

Here’s hoping we’re wrong.