Barbed wire at neck height this time

Afan Valley Bike Shed have put up a shocking Facebook post detailing trail sabotage in the Ton Pentre area.

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The photos show barbed wire laced across a trail between two trees. There’s also a pic of the damage done to the (thankfully tall!) rider’s jacket.


Pic: Afan Valley Bike Shed / Facebook


Pic: Afan Valley Bike Shed / Facebook

Afan Valley Bike Shed write: “A Warning to anyone riding back country in the Welsh Valleys!

“I was riding on Saturday in the Ton Pentre area, down a trail I’ve ridden many times, and was almost beheaded by barbed wire strung up across the trail between two trees.

“Thank god I’m a big bloke as it cut across my chest and shoulders before sliding up to my neck. Seriously thought I was a goner as had to unwrap the wire from round my throat.

“Completely trashed my jacket but thankfully just scrapes and one small puncture on my arm. I have no idea what the complete tw*t who put the wire there was thinking but had it been a shorter rider, they might well have killed someone.

“This was an area of trail where you clearly ride at speed. What could they possibly hope to achieve through this action? I’ll be passing the attached photos and this information to the Police.

“Ride safely out there.”

This is the latest in a worrying increase of trail sabotage being reported in 2016.