Ride them all to win a prize.

You’ve heard of the 7Stanes, well here are the Super6. Six forestry trail centres in the north of England that are been promoted as a collective.

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The Super6: mountain biking in Northern England

  1. Chopwell Woodland Park
  2. Gisburn Forest
  3. Grizedale
  4. Hamsterley Forest
  5. Kielder Water and Forest Park
  6. Whinlatter Forest

The Forestry Commission have announced details of a Super 6 Challenge whereby if you ride at all the six trail centres listed above you are entered into a prize draw to win some “really great prizes”.

There’s an official hashtag to use in your socials too: #thesuper6

With six scenically located forests, taking in some of the most unspoilt rural locations, the north of England is an underused playground for mountain biking.

Each forest centre has its own style of unique trails, jam-packed with features and natural terrain. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-fuelled ride through steep wooded landscapes or a more family-friendly cycle in the great outdoors, you’ll find it by touring the Super6.

You’ll need a passport

Not your real passport. The North hasn’t been declared an independent principality (yet). ‘Passport’ is what the Forestry Commission are calling a small credit card-sized er, card that you can pick up via a leaflet at any of these forest’s visitor centres.

Get the card – sorry, passport – and carry it with you when riding the Super 6. Collect a stamp from the visitor centre or cafe at each location. (Well, technically at Gisburn and Chopwell, or when Hamsterley café is closed, you may need to collect your stamps at the next forest centre.)

Six stamps earn bikers a certificate and sticker to prove you’ve completed the challenge. If you hand in your completed passport or return it to the Forestry Commission (address on the back of the leaflet) you will be entered into a prize draw (drawn three times a year).

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1. Gisburn Forest

Take a ride on the wild side. Located in the beautiful Bowland fells in north Lancashire, Gisburn has two cross- country mountain biking trails for you to tackle, alongside skills loop and short walking route to a viewpoint.

2. Grizedale

The North Face singletrack is a red graded 16km loop with nine sections of sinuous singletrack trail.

3. Whinlatter Forest

As England’s only true mountain forest, Whinlatter puts the mountain in mountain biking. It makes full use of its terrain with challenging trails including the longest purpose-built trail in the region.

4. Hamsterley Forest

Hamsterley is one of the top destinations for mountain biking in Northern England, with blue grade right up to extreme downhill trails.

5. Chopwell Woodland Park

Chopwell Woodland Park is one of the best forests in the North East for biking thanks to the 11km of trails and a former railway line that runs through the forest.

6. Kielder Water and Forest Park

Lose yourself (not literally!) in the expanse of Kielder Water and Forest Park. With the largest collection of trails (167km) in a single location in England, it’s perfect for endurance biking.

Good luck and enjoy The North!