Yep, the saboteurs are still at it.

Reports have emerged of an incident on August 22nd where a mountain biker was injured by obstacles deliberately put on to bike trails in the Forest Of Dean.

The mountain biker in question suffered “significant cuts and grazes” and the police are keeping an eye on the matter.

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A police spokesman said: “This is dangerous we would urge those members of the public who are carrying out what they may think is a harmless prank to stop their behaviour before somebody is seriously hurt.”

It’s unlikely that anyone carrying out these actions thinks it’s a “harmless prank”! They clearly want to cause riders to crash and hurt themselves.

The police go on to state that similar incidents of large tree branches being dragged on to trails have been happening for the past few weeks.

However, this is not the first time this year we’ve had reports of trouble in the Forest Of Dean. In February we reported on depressingly similar incidents occurring.

This latest incident adds to the grim tally of trail sabotage already being reported in the UK this year.

Anyone who sees anti-social behaviour in the area – or indeed any area of the UK – they should call police on 101, or 999 if a crime is in progress.