It’s that time of year again, when the days shorten and suddenly there aren’t enough hours of light left to fit in a decent ride. Certainly not if you have to do boring things like work for a living or pick the kids up from school.

The solution? A night ride. We’ve put together some inspirational shots from last February to get us in the mood. If you’re lightless then check out the forthcoming December issue where we review the best lights on the market, or follow the mbr mantra and just get out and ride with anything you’ve got!

Dep ed Danny nearly* went for a night ride last night, let us know if you’ve been successful in your comments below.

Trails you know so well in daylight suddenly feel very different

Familiar landscapes take on an otherworldly look at night

*He says he was all set to ride, but the office manager forgot to hand over the van keys. We think he was secretly glad of the excuse not to ride in the rain.