Parks not for "motor-powered recreation".

An outdoor advocacy group wants a ban on all electric bikes in Tongariro National Park in New Zealand.

An outdoor advocacy group are protesting against a proposal from the New Zealand government to allow electric bikes in the Tongariro National Park, stating that electric bikes have no place there.

This protest stems from the Department of Conservation publishing plans to create the new bicycle routes in the park. Some of these new routes are listed as being explicitly designed for electric bikes.

This has irked some members of an advocacy group called Federated Mountain Clubs of New Zealand, who perhaps aren’t really aware of what is – and what isn’t – an electric bike. Is there simply a misunderstanding of what electric-assist bikes are?

Speaking to Radio New Zeland, the president of Federated Mountain Club – Peter Wilson – claims that electric bikes ruin the peacefulness of national parks.

“It’s fundamentally one of these issues about recreational ethics, about what activities should be taking place in what area… National parks are places of natural quiet and scenic beauty… not really places for motor-powered recreation.”

Mr Wilson claims to have the support from local mountain bikers too regarding his call for ban on electric bikes in national parks. According to a report on MSN NZ, “mountain bikes were acceptable because they were human-powered, while people on electric bikes were not actually the ones doing the exercise themselves… those in need of pedal power assistance, such as the elderly, could use other public reserves for recreation.

The outcome of the Department of Conservation proposals is unlikely to be known until next year.