Rejoice unto the hills

An outfit called Adrenalin Uplift has been announced as wining the tender for to run an uplift service at Innerleithen and Ae forests in Scotland.

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UPDATE: Booking now open

After many successful uplifting years in the noughties, the uplift days on offer in Scotland have had something of rough ride in more recent months following the decision of Uplift Scotland to stop their service.

Well, eager Scottish uplifters need be sad no longer! A new team has arrived.

The people behind the successful bid have existing holiday companies called Adrenalin Rehab (European cycling holidays) and Snow Rehab (snowy holidays in Canada).

This new Adrenalin Uplift service will be the first time they’ve run an pure uplift in the UK, although we imagine they’ve plenty of transferable experience giving their aforementioned holidaymakers uplifts.

Until they get a website up and running and populated with relevant info and content the best thing to do is give them a Like on Adrenalin Uplift Facebook page and keep informed of developments.

The uplift service will compromise four buses on a “continuous upload”. There will also be day passes as well as season tickets to the uplifts. There may even be the ability to privately block-book a whole day for you and your riding gang (and you thought your Stag Do was messy?)

Good luck to the Adrenalin Uplift crew!