The new film from Misspent Summers and Caldwell Visuals provides an eye-popping recap of the 2022 Enduro World Series season.


Get in the mood for the upcoming race season by recapping the highs and lows, victories and epics of the 2022 Enduro World Series in Cosmic, a new film by Misspent Summers and Caldwell Visuals.

Tommy Caldwell, of Caldwell Visuals, spent 2022 tracking the action at the EWS (now called the EDR), capturing the world’s best enduro racers riding to peak performance at ever round.

Courdurier EWS racing 2022 Misspent Summers Caldwell Visuals

Packed full of incredible racing, incredible locations, and everything that makes racing special

And while the film is of course focussed on the racers and the racing, what is mountain bike racing without a colourful cast of spectators and other characters.

Why Cosmic? Because “much like an astronaut in the wonders of space, enduro riders navigate their way across challenging terrain, meet whacky locals and sadly sometimes come crashing down to earth.”

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