Fox claims the new Transfer post has a 300 hour service interval and can be rebuilt at home.

Already the goldest dropper post on the market, Fox reckons its new Transfer post is now the gold-standard dropper post thanks to longer service intervals, improved reliability, less friction, and up to 240mm of travel. To achieve these aims, Fox went back to the drawing board, and the result is that a Transfer post that is 100% new.

Fox Transfer post need to know

  • New layout with air chamber at the top of the post
  • Available with 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, or 240mm drop
  • Travel can be reduced on all sizes by 25mm in 5mm incremenets
  • 30.9mm, 31.6mm, and 34.9mm diameters
  • Factory version with Kashima coating or Performance Elite with black anodised shaft
  • From $289 USD / £319 / €369 for the Performance Elite model
Fox Transfer dropper post

Inside the lower tube are better seals and improved bushings.

Better sealing

Fox leaned heavily into its 10 years of experience making dropper posts when it came time to redesign the Transfer. Its goals were to make it smoother, more robust, more tunable, and more serviceable, and the first thing it did was reconfigure the internals so that the air chamber is at the top of the post, in line with all the best options. There’s a Schrader valve under the seat clamp that lets riders tune the return speed and top up the air pressure as necessary. Improved sealing helps to reduce air loss by 62% over the previous Transfer, according to Fox.

Fox Transfer dropper post

The Fox Transfer Performance Elite dropper post doesn’t get the fancy Kashima-coated upper tube

Improved tuning

Further tuning potential comes from the internal travel adjust system. This is tool-free and said to be a quick process, by adding or removing spacers inside the lower section. 5mm increments let you fine tune the travel down up to 25mm from the stated drops (120/150/180/240mm).

Longer lasting

Double oil seals give up to 6x the service life for the cartridge, and new metal-backed Ekonol bushings (a PTFE-based material with good wear resistance) extend recommended full-service intervals up to 300 hours now. Those bushings (as found in the new Fox forks with the latest Grip X2, Grip X, and Grip SL dampers) are also claimed to bring tighter tolerances (so less slop) alongside reduced friction. Indeed, Fox claims the new Transfer post is 46% easier to drop than a ‘leading post’ – which we suggest would be OneUp.

Fox Transfer dropper post

The new head on the Fox Transfer dropper post is sleeker, lighter, and easier to adjust.

Dedicated 34.9mm post

There’s also a refined head that sticks with the two-bolt layout but has been redesigned ‘to optimise strength and weight savings’. One thing that Fox offers over most brands is a dedicated 34.9mm post with an increased shaft diameter, rather than a larger outer sleeve sized to fit a 31.6mm shaft. Which means any bike with a 34.9mm post can actually benefit from the potential stiffness gains of the oversize diameter.

Fox Transfer post pricing

Performance Elite

£319 / $289 USD / $389 CAD / €369


£389 / $339 USD / $449 CAD / €449