Congratulations to George Greiner and his Five Tens!

We asked you write a review of a product and send it in to us. Which dozens of you did so. Thanks for each and every one of them.

We’re still busy chugging through them!

A couple of weeks ago we opened up a new chapter in mbr’s online story. We test a lot of stuff here at mbr but can’t test everything. And real world user experience of product is always worth hearing about. That’s something that everyone wants to hear. More people’s experience of more products. Win win.

Congratulations George Greiner!

The review we’ve chosen to be the first ever prize-winning Reader Review is from George Greiner who submitted an excellent review of a pair of Five Ten Freerider Contact shoes.

George not only wins a special mbr T-shirt for his contribution but also gets the warm glow of knowing he’s helped the mountain ibke world with his insight and efforts. And he gets to plug his social media channels too. Win win win!

If you want to review your shoes, go here and get typing.

The next mountain bike component we’re asking you your experience of is… mountain bike tyres.

With our Reader Reviews we put up an online review form with a selection of choice questions to help you cover the required aspects of the products. But we still left you enough space and freedom to write at length if you so wished. George’s review was a really good example of how it all works out.