'Tis the season of team changes

Tahnée joins Troy Brosnan, Fabio Wibmer, Ines Thoma, Kaos Seagrave, Kye A’Hern, Mark Wallace, Braydon Bringhurst, Dimitri Tordo, Thomas Genon et al.

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2020 UCI MTB World Cup DH schedule

  1. March 21–22: Lousã, Portugal
  2. May 2–3: Maribor, Slovenia
  3. May 9–10: Lošinj, Croatia
  4. June 6–7: Fort William, Scotland
  5. June 20–21: Vallnord, Andorra
  6. August 22–23: Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada
  7. September 12–13: Val di Sole, Italy
  8. September 19–20: Les Gets, France

Canyon [ CLLCTV ] press release

Canyon Bicycles Launches Worldwide Mountain Bike Community

Troy Brosnan and Tahnée Seagrave are two of the hottest names in the downhill scene, and Ines Thoma is one of the finest riders in the world of enduro. Or if you get your kicks clocking up huge airtime and nailing insane tricks, then names like Thomas Genon, Tomas Lemoine and Fabio Wibmer In the Collective, all riders are equal from World Cup-level pros to YouTube stars to weekend trail warriors. Because we all share that same passion for riding: regardless of what we do, and regardless of how we do it.

So, what drives the Collective? The commitment to inspire and connect mountain bikers from around the planet. At World Cup races, at test events, at parties, online and offline, in digital and on the dirt. All year round, in every country, at every opportunity.

And because every community needs a backbone, these Canyon pro riders are already on board:

  • Tahnée Seagrave
  • Troy Brosnan
  • Fabio Wibmer
  • Ines Thoma
  • Kaos Seagrave
  • Kye A’Hern
  • Mark Wallace
  • Braydon Bringhurst
  • Dimitri Tord
  • Owen Marks
  • Thomas Genon
  • Tomas Lemoine

It doesn’t matter if you’re a trail shredder, downhill racer, or dirt rider. The only thing that matters is that you’re all-in. That’s all you need to join our worldwide community – the Canyon Collective. This is where MTB fans and pros from around the world unite to support and inspire one another.

What does mountain biking mean to you? Are you the kind of rider who knows every last root and rock of your local trails? Could you ride them with your eyes closed? There’s nothing like that feeling of anticipation you get pedalling up to the trailhead. You know what’s coming – the same big descents, the same big jumps, the same exquisite singletrack. But somehow, it never gets old. It never gets boring. The forest is your playground. This is why you ride.

Or are you at home in the air, just like ‘Tommy G’ and ‘Lil’ Moine’? Manuals, spins and flips. Bread and butter. Today, pulling off 360 after 360 into the foam pit – tomorrow, doing your thing on the dirt, on the pumptrack, on the skatepark. Crashing is part of the game. But you never stop. Because nothing compares to that rush of pulling off a new trick. Indescribable. You and your dirt bike – there’s no separating you.

Or do you live for the bike park? During the week, looking up the hottest spots. First thing on Saturday, packing your freeride bike or downhill rig, and hitting the road. You’re kitted up to take on the biggest lines – 180 mm of travel at the least. Your mission: smash descent after descent with your crew. Getting a party train together and railing big berms, nailing huge jumps, and leaving it all out there on the downhill line. Sooner or later, the sun always goes down – time to stop? Never. There’s always time for one more run.

Downhill or Trail, Enduro or Dirt – the Canyon Collective gathers committed mountain bike riders like you and me, fans and pro athletes who share one obsession: searching for that perfect trail, clearing that gap, being the fastest down the track.