Within 48hrs of your ride you'll be sent a finished video

In the Swiss biking resort of Verbier you can pay 250CHF (approx £195) and someone will film your ride with a drone, edit down the footage and send you a completed film within 48hrs.

It’s the age of the selfie – sorry, #selfie – so it probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that there are enterprising outfits out there offering to cash in on our narcissism.

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For the princely sum of 250CHF (approx £195) for a 1/2 day, or 400CHF (approx £310) for a full day, you can get a French drone company (using Hexo+ drones) to film your day out on the Swiss mountainsides. The service runs every Friday throughout peak riding season.

The move to offering the drone filming service to mountain bikers comes after a successful winter season offering the same sort of thing to the skiers and snowboarders of Verbier.

A step up from a GoPro

Take your oneupmanship to the next level and trump your GoPro toting riding buddies with something a little special OTT. And hey, who doesn’t love a bit of drone footage?

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All you need (apart from wads of cash) is a smartphone with bluetooth and GPS, we think. The drone will follow you using GPS technology. An expert will help you with take-off and landing apparently. Don’t want any smashed up drones littering the Swiss singletrack do we?


With the epic scenery of Verbier as your backdrop you won’t even be too embarrassed by the state of your riding skills or speeds.

Although we’re sneering at all of this, we’d actually really like to have a go. Wouldn’t you?