Right next door in Stubbylee Park.

Lancashire trail centre Lee Quarry has two existing pump tracks and a third pump track has been announced for nearby Stubbylee Park.

The new pump track should be up and running sometime next month. The work is being carried out by specialist, Rochdale-based contractor, Dirtwork.

The local council in partnership with local community groups is currently undertaking an ambitious two year plan to revitalise the sizeable Stubbylee and the Moorlands Park in Bacup.

The plans were first mooted back in May 2015 and it took until April 2016 to get a consultation carried out about the pump track. The council then held a community event which involved a ‘pop-up’ pump track which allowed local riders and residents to see and try out a pump track for themselves.

Councillor Christine Lamb: “I am pleased to see work progressing on the Pump Track at Stubbylee Park at Bacup and look forward to the next stage of the Master plan which will see the restoration of the Duck Pond and the magical Fairy Dell over the next few months.”

The chosen location for the track is highlighted in white in the plan pic above. It will be located near to the current skate park, and a proposed ‘Valley Of Stone’ cycleway will run through the park linking over to nearby Lee Quarry and the wider, extensive bridleway network of the area.