The Mezzer Pro LE is a regarded alternative to Fox and RockShox. And now you can have a Sterling Edition version.

The 1990s revival in mountain bike colourways has brought silver back into focus.

With silver becoming the new black, brands are making more shinier components Manitou is the latest with its Sterling Edition fork.

The suspension brand is part of Hayes will only be assembling 250 of these Sterling Edition enduro forks.

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Similar but shinier

Damper technology, adjustability and structure are identical to the series Mezzer Pro LE, with the Sterling Edition version merely adding a premium paint finish. To extract the best possible silver resplendence from its lowers and crown assembly, Manitou’s technicians polish and hand-finish the Mezzer Pro LE Sterling Edition forks.

Inside the fork legs you will find Manitou’s Dorado air spring and an MC2 damper. Tuning the Mezzer Pro LE Sterling Edition fork’s performance is easy, thanks to external high- and low-speed compression dials. There is also a low-speed rebound adjust.

Manitou also builds each Mezzer Pro LE fork with an integrated hydraulic bottom-out protection feature, ramping its compression in the last 30mm of travel.

Designed for steep and rowdy descents, the Mezzer Pro LE Sterling Edition connects its lowers to the crown with 37mm stanchions. That might be 1mm less than the latest Fox 38 or RockShox Zeb, but there is no questioning the Mezzer Pro LE’s chassis stiffness.

The travel range is 140- to 180mm, with riders having the option to internally space their Mezzer Pro LE to preference in 10mm increments. Manitou produces its enduro fork range in only one offset, which is 44mm, for both wheel sizes.

Mass ratings for these Mezzer Po LE Sterling Edition forks classify at 2000g for the 27.5” version and 2032g if you are riding on the more popular 29” wheel size.

A post mount brake is designed for 180mm rotors, although this Manitou enduro fork will accommodate huge 223mm brakes too – with the appropriate adaptors.

If you own a bright red or raw metal frame, a silver fork does look rather fetching to complete that custom build. With its production limited to only 250 units, these Sterling Edition forks are sure to be a very rare encounter on the trail.

Manitou is pricing the Mezzer Po LE Sterling Edition at €1140/$999.