Schwalbe’s new Tacky Chan tyre is three years in the making, and aims to be the fastest mountain bike tyre in the world


There’s a new gravity tyre in town. Schwalbe’s new Tacky Chan (pun fans rejoice) has been developed by the Commencal/MucOff team to help some of the fastest riders in the world go even faster. But with various gravity versions from downhill to enduro, anyone who’s a fan of high velocity riding will find this of interest.

Need to know:

  • Gravity tyres developed with Commencal/MucOff team riders
  • 11 World Cup wins to date
  • 29×2.4″ and 27.5×2.4
  • $98 – $104

“If you want to make World Cup riders happy, it’s simple: you just need a tire that makes them faster,” explains Schwalbe MTB Product Manager Carl Kämper. “Tacky Chan benefits everyone who wants to get going and test their limits with full power.”

Schwalbe Tacky Chan new mtb tyres 2023

Three years in the making

The design process started three years ago, with prototypes created from a Big Betty, with twelve different ‘cuts’ or versions to help determine the optimal balance between shoulder support and lower weight.

Prototype tyres were developed featuring 20% more stable shoulder lugs than the Magic Mary for increased lateral support, L-shaped lugs, slightly longer braking edges and a 10% increase in distance between centre lugs to help reduce weight. Initial results, Schwalbe states, were promising with better braking traction and higher speeds possible.

The Tacky Chan prototype gets its first big opportunity, after several months of race testing, at the 2021 World Championships under Thibaut Daprela. And while that race didn’t go according to plan with two crashes for Daprela, his feedback is useful – that the lugs are too stiff, and that more cornering control is needed.

The next stage is small but important development; when a race comes down to milliseconds, millimetre refinements can make all the difference. Shoulder lugs are reduced in size, the braking edge is made a millimeter longer, and double lug recesses offer better contact with the track surface.

Schwalbe Tacky Chan new mtb tyres 2023

And, according to Schwalbe, it worked. Amaury Pierron takes the 2022 World Cup overall on the Tacky Chan. “We always believed that the end result would be successful,” Pierron shares, “but I still felt like a little kid at Christmas when we got the tyres. A lot of hard work went into making Tacky Chan, and you can really feel that when you ride it. To have amazing grip and control without compromising speed is insane. We pushed new limits and that’s really cool.”

The tyres also aided Myriam Nicole to victory in Val di Sole, giving the Tacky Chan eleven World Cup wins in 2022; an impressive total.

“The Tacky Chan gives me a very direct feel,” explains Nicole. “It’s unique to have a tyre that you can truly trust when you’re right on the edge, but which also gains speed and rolls so fast.”

Schwalbe Tacky Chan range, prices and availability

The Schwalbe Tacky Chan range includes 29er and 27.5” options in a variety of casing options, including Super DH, Super Gravity  and Super Trail, plus rubber options. Width is 2.4”.

29 x 2.4”

  • Casing options: Super DH, Super Gravity and Super Trail
  • Compound options: Addix Ultra Soft, Addix Soft
  • Price: $104 ( DH and Gravity), $98 (Trail)


  • Casing options: Super DH, Super Gravity
  • Compound options: Addix Ultra Soft, Addix Soft
  • Price: $104 ( DH and Gravity), $98 (Trail)

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