On flats and really into riding data? These pedals are for you.

If you are a flat pedal purist, it doesn’t mean you don’t care about watts.

Riders who prefer the support and control of riding flats, might not be obvious candidates for power meter pedals, but the market niche does exist. Because in mountain biking, every niche, is worthy.

German cycling technology brand, SRM, has extended its power meter product portfolio, to the flat pedal market. With its SRM X-Power flat pedals, you can now blend traction pins and power meter technology.

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X-Power for e-bikes

Although the conventional thinking is that flat pedal riders are more concerned with foot-out cornering than power data, SRM thinks differently.

For e-bikes, predominantly ridden with flat pedals, the strong presence of data modules can be further enhanced with these new SRM pedal power meters.

The X-Power flats harvest cadence and crank force data via strain gauges. Riders can choose single- or dual sides power meter configurations – depending on how much accuracy is desired.

With the technology housed in the pedal spindle, these X-Power flats use ANT+ and Bluetooth signalling to push data to your cycling head unit or Smartphone activity app. Battery endurance is rated at 30 hours.

The pedal body and electronics – can separate

Available in five colours (black, blue, green, orange and red), the X-Power flats have a claimed weight rating of 205g and feature ten traction pin threads per side.

Durability? The pedal bodies are designed to be replaceable. This saves riders from the expense of having to replace an entire X-Power system if they suffer a damaging pedal strike.

The electronics, housed in the spindle, can easily be separated from the pedal body – without propriety tools. If you mash an X-Power pedal on some rocks, just purchase a new body and you are good to go.

Pricing? A pair of X-Power flats with single-sided power metering is £562. If you want the accuracy of a dual-sided set-up, that will be £985.