These new Garmin pedals are SPD compatible and will deliver all the riding stats you’ll ever need.

Renowned navigation and bike data brand, Garmin, has now entered the pedal market.

With its new range of Rally power meter pedals, Garmin is promising incredibly accurate and durable data harvesting, for those mountain bikers who obsess about their training numbers.

Although power meter pedals have been popular amongst road cyclists, the challenge of designing sensors that can survive pedal strikes in technical terrain, has limited viability in the mountain bike application.

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Garmin’s significant R&D resources have developed a mountain bike pedal that is SPD compatible and offers either single- and dual-sided data sensing. The Rally XC100 features a single-sided power meter in the left pedal, and can produce both power and cadence data. It can be upgraded to dual-sensing configuration.

For those mountain bikers with a more generous budget, the Rally XC200 offers dual-sided sensors and richer data output. With these pedals you will be able to measure cadence, total power and the left-right balance in your pedalling effort.

Deep data and great battery life

Garmin has also programmed the XC200 pedal sensor system to produce data that will show riders how much of a ride is spent riding seated or standing. To assist in achieving the ideal cleat position, the XC200 pedals can also reveal is power is being transferred efficiently through your riding shoe, into the pedal.

Engineers at Garmin claim battery endurance for these new Rally pedals to be 120 hours and there is an impressive array of digital convergence, too. Beyond Garmin’s Edge cycling computers and Connect app, which pairs seamlessly with the Rally pedals, you’ll also find compatibility with popular virtual riding technologies such as the Tacx Training app, Zwift and TrainerRoad.

Pricing for the single-sided Rally XC100 varies between £569.99 to £619.99. If you want the most immersive data experience, that will be the XC200 pedal set, at £969.99 to £1,059.99.