Level up

Sram is pretty proud of its Guide downhill brake, after all, it did deliver Loic Bruni to his first World Championship at the end of last season.

The only problem is, not everyone needs a downhill brake, what about those trail and cross country riders who don’t need all that power and would rather something a bit lighter? That’s where the Level comes in.

SRAM LEVEL announcement featured_edited-1

The Level is a five model range from SRAM aimed firmly at less gravity-oriented riders. The design and technology is brought over from the Guide but in a supposedly slimmer and more lightweight package.

The introduction of the Level will also mean older SRAM and Avid brakes start to get phased out: the breakdown of that is here:

  • SRAM Level Ultimate 
- Replacing—SRAM XX
  • SRAM Level TLM
 – Replacing—SRAM X0
  • SRAM Level TL
 – Replacing—SRAM DB5
  • SRAM Level T
 – Replacing—Avid DB3
  • SRAM Level
 – Replacing—Avid DB1

So let’s brake down each of those options now:

SRAM Level Ultimate

The level ultimate is the top-of-the-range Level brake that replaces the XX model. It boasts a carbon fibre blade and some Ti Hardware. The Ultimate tips the scales at 318 grams for the lever hose and rotor (32 grams lighter than the Guide Ultimate) and will cost £249.


The Level TLM drops the carbon and titanium goodies but keeps the low weight at 356 grams (an increase of only 38 grams). The TLM stands for Tooled reach adjustment, Lightweight construction and Monoblock calliper (these abbreviations are used across the Level range).

The brake weighs 356 grams and costs £159


Loses the monoblock calliper and gains a smidgen of weight as a result. It is roughly half the price of the TLM as a result though

Weight – 370 grams, costs £85

SRAM Level T

SRAM describes the Level T as a “trail tamer”. It loses the lightweight construction, but the penalty for this is only 40 grams. It also delivers the same power as the Ultimate, TLM and TL models.

Weight – 410 grams, cost £68

SRAM Level

SRAM doesn’t claim the lowest specced Level has the same power as the others which makes us think it is a bit weedier, however at £53 it still offers a great option on a budget.

Weight – 430 grams, cost £53

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