Why? Because they can. There doesn't need to be any other reason.

If you have SRAM AXS components, SRAM’s new Web Ride online service can spew out all sorts of metrics about your bike’s behaviour.

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You can see which part(s) of the cassette you spend the most time in, how often you operate your dropper post as well as connecting to other techy devices shuc as power meters and TyreWiz tyre pressure monitors.

Somewhat glaringly, Web Ride does not (yet?) connect to ShockWiz suspension analysis hardware. No doubt they’re working on it.

What’s the point of all this stat staring you may well ask? The answer to the question “why?” is perhaps best answered with “because we can”. Info geeks love info. It’s not really entirely about bike adjustment or setup. It remains to be seen how the end user uses Web Ride. It’s almost certainly gong to be Web Ride 2.0 that will make more sense of all this.

SRAM press release

SRAM’s AXS Web Ride Analysis Tool is Live

SRAM’s AXS ecosystem becomes even more powerful with the introduction of AXS Web, a web tool designed for riders who want to better understand and improve their experience on the bike. The AXS Web dashboard is for anyone with data enabled devices — including power meters, tire pressure sensors and electronic shifting — and will collect and display ride data uploaded through Garmin head units. Wahoo compatibility is forthcoming.

AXS Web allows riders to analyze ride files specific to shifting, gear use, power zones, and tire pressure. Ride maps are also displayed. Riders can quickly and easily learn more about how their bike is working for them and. consider adjustments. Reviewing the data is as simple as linking a rider’s AXS Web account to their head unit account and uploading the files. AXS Web also sends relevant system push notifications, including low battery warnings, to the rider’s smartphone via the AXS App.

AXS Web is the third piece of the AXS ecosystem, which includes the complete range of AXS components and the AXS App. SRAM also invites riders to investigate AXS Web’s UserVoice forum where they can ask questions, share ideas and review responses. AXS Web’s UserVoice is a two-way communication tool to inform users and help SRAM better understand how people are using AXS.

“We built this site for riders as a learning tool and to show people how their bike is working for them. The data is easy to understand and is always enlightening; it’s like getting a coach for free,” said Quarq founder and SRAM’s category manager for digital integration, Jim Meyer.