Specialized Kenevo SL Comp is £7000 version, bringing all the 170mm travel e-bike goodness, in an agile package, to a broader audience of riders.

With the new Specialized Kenevo SL Comp, the American brand has added another specification-grade to its Kenevo SL range, broadening the affordability of its enduro platform e-bike.

For riders with moderate fitness who want to use their e-bike for better trail time management, the Kenevo SL Comp should sit within a lot of folk’s budgets who are on the lookout for one of the best electric mountain bikes of the moment.

This new Kenevo SL variant uses the now-familiar Specialized long-travel lower linkage suspension design, delivering 170mm of rear-wheel travel. With a 170mm fork at the front, there is no questioning its purpose as a competent descender of steep and technical trails.

Geometry sees a 63.5 default head angle with wide 800mm handlebars on all four frame sizes, with 50mm stems for three of the new Kenevo SL Comps, and the smallest frame, getting a 40mm.

Specialized Kenevo SL Comp

Specialized Kenevo SL Comp

With the presence of a mid-drive motor and 320Wh lithium-ion battery pack, cranks are short, at 165mm, giving riders the clearance to keep pedalling on those technical singletrack climbs.

Kenevo SL squashes an all-day ride into a few hours

Specialized’s 250W motor provides adequate assistance for riders who value the lightweight nature of a Kenevo SL, sacrificing weight for a surplus of pedal-assistance.

If you desire power delivery customization beyond the core assistance modes, a simple dual-button MicroTune adjuster is mounted on the Kenevo SL Comp’s handlebar. This allows for 10% adjustments in pedal-assistance, ideal for rapidly increasing or decreasing motor input when required – delivering greater battery efficiency.

For those riders who have an addiction to seeking the most challenging downhill bits but don’t have the luxury for hours on the trail, Specialized’s Kenevo SL makes a great deal of sense.

If the agile and assisted nature of a Kenevo SL has appeal, but your e-bike budget does not quite extend to the Expert and S-Works versions that Specialized launch with, this Comp is a great addition.

The Specialized Kenevo SL Comp should be available at dealers, and online, by the end of September, at £7000.