Brrr-illiant riding vid

Siberia’s weather is coming this week! Whilst it’s probably a good idea to stay inside and drink coffee, here’s some inspiration if you don’t fancy a ride.

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Here’s an excellently ignore-the-conditions video featuring Dillon Butcher shredding the snow-gnar in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Even if you don’t read those certain types of tabloid newspaper that are obsessed with apocalyptic weather scares you can’t fail to have noticed that there’s some fairly chilly weather on its way.

For once however, it might actually be the case that the bad weather hype is worth the warnings and cautions. Not so much due to the amount of snowfall (a few inches maybe) but due to the expected wind speeds.

Predicted winds of 30 mph are not anything that your roof tiles or old trees need to worry too much about, but temperatures of -4°c combined with 30 mph winds can quickly chill you down, seriously.

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So if you do head out, stay low, stay sheltered, take decent gloves, cover your ears up if poss.

Video description

Deep Field Cinema – Calvin Huth: “Antimatter: a material composed of the antiparticle to the corresponding particles of ordinary matter, dirt. Dillon Butcher turns lemons into lemonade. As the snow fell the plan was to head to the Stevie Smith park pathways through a snowy jump garden. Early morning rose and the clearing began, creating ride able lines; It’s not often conditions like this take place. Creates for a memorable day. Thanks Mother Nature for the goods!”