Disharmony in the Highlands, as pensioners acts selfishly on Glasgow singletrack.

Trail tension has come to the fore in Scotland, as a local runner encountered numerous obstacles intended to spoil singletrack.

Alex Osborne was out on his Monday training run, when he discovered man-made trail obstructions in Linn Park, Glasgow.

Much to his shock, Alex discovered pensioners were busying themselves with the construction of these singletrack trail obstacles.

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As a responsible and considerate trail user, Alex confronted them, but was shocked with the response.

The pensioners, who were busy moving logs to create trail obstacles, admitted that they intended to prevent riders from using the Linn Park rails.

Singletrack selfishness must end

Cycling is legal within Linn Park, as is running – and walking. Dorothy Buchanan, who chairs the Friends of Linn Park organisation, reiterated that it is a local nature reserve resource for all to enjoy.

The obstacles that Alex encountered, have been dismantled, but they included large bricks. For an experienced solo mountain biker, rolling aggressive tyres, there could be adequate margin to decelerate and avoid a crash, when happening upon one of these obstacles.

But if riders were in a train, or inexperienced, the consequences would most definitely be an unfortunate – and preventable – crash.

The spate of trail interventions by users who are inexplicably anti-bicycle, is an unhappy theme within UK off-road cycling. Especially, with the summer riding season, approaching.